Therapeutic regulation processes assume a self-regulating organism which is able to regulate all body functions on its individual standards, compensate disturbances and initiate and maintain healing processes.
When disease occurs, the organism of a patient initially tries to launch a counter-regulation to the stress of the disease itself. The counter-regulation is often too weak to counteract to this stress and compensate it.

In a regulation therapy, the organism is stimulated in a individual adapted/matched manner to strengthen the counter-regulation and so the self-healing progress is reconstituted. Thus the organism of the patient is returned to its own individual normal state of health.

Jacqueline’s goal of a holistic regulation therapy is to tackle the root of the problem and/or to strengthen the weakest link in the health chain of her clients.
Jacqueline doesn’t isolate the patients individual symptoms, she rather includes the systemic context: The human as a whole with his/her mental and physical conditions and the environment .
Jacqueline considers a patient as a partner who who has the key role in the therapist-client-interaction.