Moxibustion is a combination of herbal and heat therapy and a variation of acupuncture. No needles are used, but the moxa herb is burnt on the acupuncture points. Using different consistencies of mugwort (lat. Artemisia vulgaris) the acupuncture points are warmed and stimulated. Moxa wool (tried leaves), moxa cigars (twisted leaves) or charcoal moxa are used.

In Chinese medicine, moxibustion is an important component in the treatment of diseases combined with chill characteristics. Thus moxa is applied in the case of energy deficiency and heat, especially in chronic diseases. Some of the indications are chronic pain, debility, sensation of cold in the body and chronic diarrhea.

The immune system is strengthened, tissue perfusion is improved, tissue metabolism activated and the functions of the organs stimulated (visceral cutaneous reflex (see Head zones)).