The mode of action of ear acupuncture are not fully understood. Segmental interconnections and modulations on different levels of the central nervous system are discussed. Furthermore, the release of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers from nerve cells) are considered. The neural innovation of the pinna is scientiffically assumed:

  • auricular nerve (cervical plexus),
  • auricular nerve (vagus nerve),
  • Auriculotemporal nerve (trigeminal nerve).

To search for  pathological ear points, Jacqueline uses an electric point detector (responds to found changes in skin resistance) or a special ear acupuncture detector stick.

Furthermore Jacqueline is also familiar with Nogier’s developed method, the so-called   ‘’Réflexe auriculocardiaque’’ (RAC), to detect a change in the pulse quality and pulse wave when a pathological ear point is irritated.