• Reduce your pain

  • Relaxation for body, Geist und Seele: Go Stress and Fatigue Free

  • Cease your addictions

  • Hay fever and allergie free through all seasons

Über Jacqueline

Jacqueline ist ein erfahrener Therapeut in Akupunktur & Massage with years of experience in Switzerland, Australien, China und Vietnam.

Jacqueline speaks fluent Englisch, Deutsch, Schweizerdeutsch & Französisch.

Besides advising her clients on Health and Lifestyle, Jacqueline has special experience with people suffering from Schmerz, people with physical and mental disabilities and people who seek help to quit smoking, alcohol or other addictive substances.


Acupuncture & Massage Noosa Hinterland

Jacqueline provides Hausbesuche in and around Cooroy and Noosa hinterland. Her clinic is also located in Cooroy.

With her treatments, Jacqueline can help people with all sorts of complaints, click here for more information.

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