One of the most important treatment methods of Chinese medicine is body acupuncture, a regulation therapy. Acupuncture is based on the doctrine of the meridians. According to the perception of Chinese medicine, “Qi” is flowing in these meridians.

Jacqueline is choosing acupuncture points using the Chinese diagnostic methods pulse and tongue diagnosis. When needling these points, Jacqueline influences the “Qi”-circulation in the meridians, which can eliminate “Qi”-blockades (this it what we call pain). With the help of acupuncture, Jacqueline can soothe a nervous patient or strengthen his/her “Qi”-flow and so help discharge morbid factors (e.g. bacteria) and strengthen the immune system.

Around 360 acupuncture points are located directly on the meridians. However, there are about 1500 more acupuncture points, known as the extra points.

People interested in scientific facts of acupuncture can have a read here.


Indications for Acupuncture

The main field where Jacqueline applies acupuncture is in the treatment of chronic, functional and psychosomatic disorders. Among them are also the complaints for which no organic/diagnostic reports are found by Western medicine, the so-called “mood disorders” or indispositions  (e.g. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)). With the syndrome differentiation of Chinese medicine, these symptoms can be explained, classified and treated.

Jacqueline is also specialised in muscular and skeletal conditions after injury and has special experience with people suffering from pain, people with physical and mental disabilities and people who are addicted to alcohol, nicotine and other drugs. She supports her patients in the promotion and maintenance of their health.

Jacqueline has created her own list of indications for acupuncture, following the below mentioned baselines and her own experience.

The official list of indications for acupuncture of the WHO (World Health Organisation) is from the 70s with some later updates and is not complete. For this reason, Jacqueline has added further indications to the list using the Guidelines for Chinese Medicine [Claudia Focks, Norman Hillenbrand, Urban Fischer Verlag, 5th edition] in combination with her experience.

For all the disease listed here acupuncture can have a soothing effect. It can also be used as an adjuvant method for severe, malignant diseases in order to reduce the strong side effects that are caused by strong medicine with many side effects, always in consultation with the attending physician. The condition is a diagnostic assessment prior to the treatment.

Here Jacqueline’s list of indications for acupuncture.