Chinese medicine is a regulation therapy, where the organism is stimulated in an individual adapted manner to strengthen the health of a person and helps to return to his/her own individual normal state of health.

The way of thinking of the Eastern cultures is based on a  holistic, networking system in contrary to the more straight forward mindset of modern medicine. In Chinese medicine, a person is regarded as a unity of body, mind and soul.

The basis for Chinese medicine is the principle of Yin and Yang, the theory of the five elements and the teachings of the meridians.

For history interested people, Jacqueline provides here some historical data about Chinese Medicine.

For every person, health is equivalent  to sustaining and preserving the ability to maintain the inner harmony.

Disease is understood as an expression of the imbalance of “Qi”-distribution such as “Qi”-stagnation, between Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.

With the help of a detailed interview and a pulse and tongue diagnosis, Jacqueline is recording a comprehensive picture of her patients. These diagnostic techniques allow her to recognise and localise an imbalance.

With the offered treatment methods, Jacqueline is encouraging and activating the body-system, whereby the self-regulation and healing is activated. Thus, through the above listed treatments, Jacqueline’s patients are able to find their own way back into their individual normal state of health.

An appointment usually involves an initial interview followed by diagnostic techniques (pulse and tongue diagnosis), an acupuncture treatment and/or any other therapies listed here according to the patient’s need.

Jacqueline doesn’t charge per treatment, you pay her an hourly rate of $85. A session goes for approximately 1 hour.

Patients will have to fill in a patient form  prior to first appointment, or the first appointment will be 1 1/2 hours ($110) if both parties agree on doing an initial interview together instead of the patient form.  Jacqueline will stay with her patients for the duration of the appointment.

Jacqueline can do home visits: Depending on your location, she charges $10 to $30 in addition to the treatment costs. The first home visit will be free of travel charge.