Über Jacqueline

Jacqueline ist ein erfahrener Therapeut in Akupunktur & Naturheilkunde mit langjähriger Erfahrung in der Schweiz, Australien, China und Vietnam.

After completing her studies in Switzerland and Austria (MSc) and some internships in China and Vietnam, Jacqueline established her own practice in Basel, Schweiz, where she was born. There she was practicing Acupuncture and Naturopathy before following her heart to Melbourne, Australien.

Jacqueline Klinik an der Moreland Naturmedizin befindet & Sports Clinic in Pascoe Vale, a well-established clinic for over 10 years.

Besides advising her clients on Health and Lifestyle, Jacqueline has special experience with people suffering from pain, people with physical and mental disabilities and people who seek help to quit smoking, alcohol or other addictive substances.

Pascoe Vale Therapies and Treatments

In her clinic, she can help people with all sorts of complaints, click here for more information.

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