For SAME DAY BOOKINGS please contact Jacqueline directly on 0400 90 88 90 (call or text).

An appointment usually involves an initial interview followed by diagnostic techniques (Puls und Zungendiagnose), an acupuncture treatment and/or any other therapies listed here according to the patient’s need.

Jacqueline doesn’t charge per treatment, you pay her an hourly rate of $85. A session goes for approximately 1 Stunde.

Patients will have to fill in a patient form prior to first appointment, or the first appointment will be 1 1/2 hours ($110) if both parties agree on doing an initial interview together instead of the patient form. Jacqueline will stay with her patients for the duration of the appointment.

Jacqueline does provide home visits: Depending on your location, she can charge $5 bis $10 in addition to the treatment costs. First time visit will be free of additional traveling charge.

Jacqueline warnen davor, in alle Lebensmittel und Medikamente, die die Beschichtung oder Farbe der Zunge wie Kaffee ändern können nehmen, schwarzer Tee oder spezielle Gewürze 2 hours prior to the appointment, please read FAQ’s.

To make an appointment, please fill out the form below, email me at, or call me on 0400 90 88 90.

Fully booked! All bookings exhausted.